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Fiona Mwenda


Fiona joined Itad in 2024 as a consultant in the Fragile and Conflicted-Affected Settings (FCAS) practice. She is an experienced evaluator and qualitative researcher and has over 10 years of experience in the humanitarian sector.

Before joining Itad, Fiona designed and conducted evaluations, research, and strategy for a range of clients including humanitarian donors, UN agencies, international NGOs and networks. Her skills include methodology design, qualitative data analysis, and project management across diverse global teams. Fiona’s work is informed by her background in refugee protection, and resettlement and complementary pathways, and she has lived and worked in various locations across Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Malaysia.

Fiona holds an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration from the University of Oxford and a BA in International Development with Thai and Southeast Asian Studies. Her areas of expertise include forced migration and displacement, humanitarian innovation, and localisation.