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Erin Lynch


Erin is an Associate at Itad and works dynamically across business development and project management. With a Master’s in Anthropology of Development and Social Change from the University of Sussex, Erin’s academic background highlights her commitment to the field of development. She has played a crucial role in Itad Inc’s growth since 2022, notably in business development. Her contributions to key USAID-funded projects like Nepal Learning for Development and Peace through Evaluation and Learning Activity II (PELA II), along with her successful leadership in proposals for esteemed donors like FCDO and UNICEF, have been pivotal. In her previous capacity as Business Development Coordinator, Erin was instrumental in forging stronger connections between Itad’s US and UK offices. Her work not only facilitated strategic wins but also enhanced cross-continental collaboration, ensuring seamless integration of business development efforts.

Prior to joining Itad, Erin has supported research projects and community development programs working with young people in both the US and South Africa. Passionate about mental health and social change, Erin’s personal interests align seamlessly with her professional goals, enabling her to bring empathy and insight to her work.

In her Associate role, Erin is set to continue supporting Itad Inc’s growth, focusing on both project management and business development. Her ability to bridge the operational gap between US and UK offices remains a cornerstone of her approach, fostering a more harmonious and collaborative work environment. Erin’s comprehensive skill set, combined with her dedication to development and social change, positions her as a key driver in Itad Inc.’s mission to make a global impact.