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Bushra Chowdhury

Project and Commercial Administrator

Bushra is the Project and Commercial Administrator for the Project Management Unit and the Finance Department at Itad. She manages the commercial processes of the company’s dynamic portfolio. Her responsibilities span from creation and modification of supplier contracts to the diligent oversight of weekly payment runs.

In 2021, Bushra graduated in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh. Her dissertation centred around health provisions – specifically examining the multifaceted challenges presented by geographical, socio-cultural, and religious factors in the context of mental health policies for Rohingya refugees and the broader Bangladeshi community. She addressed the overarching discourse on mental health within developing countries, but also highlighted the prevalent issue of stigmatization, which often leads to the neglect of this critical subject. She aspires to drive positive transformative change within this sector.

Having experienced a diverse upbringing across Australia, Belgium, Bangladesh, and the UK, Bushra’s affinity for studying International Development was significantly shaped during her time in Bangladesh. Itad’s comprehensive approach to monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on addressing systemic inequalities across domains from healthcare accessibility to migration and climate-induced displacement, resonated deeply with Bushra’s core principles. This alignment of values and goals drew her to join the company, driven by a strong desire to contribute to meaningful global progress.