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Becka Kindler


Becka Kindler joined Itad in 2019 as part of the first cohort of research analysts and was promoted to a consultant in 2021. After working across a range of areas including international health systems strengthening, humanitarian assistance, and policy and advocacy, her work now focuses on conflict, peace and security.

Concentrating on utilisation-focused evaluations, Becka has experience delivering portfolio and fund-level evaluations, real-time monitoring and quality assurance assessments. In her role as a consultant, she also works across areas of project management, contracting and financial monitoring.

Prior to joining Itad, Becka studied at the University of Sussex, where she completed an MA in Conflict, Security and Development. Her thesis focused on the ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy in the UK and the wider European strategy towards immigration. Her research interests cover migration, policy analysis, and the ways in which insecurity and violence affect development.

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