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Why don’t decision makers use evidence, and what can be done about it? – BCURE Evaluation Briefing No. 2

This briefing note summarises the BCURE Stage 1 synthesis report and reflects on some of the broader lessons emerging from the evaluation.


Itad is leading a three-year impact evaluation of the £13 million UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative ‘Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence Programme‘ (BCURE).

We are examining how and why different approaches to capacity building for evidence-informed policy making work, for whom, and in which contexts. The evaluation aims to strengthen the evidence base on how capacity building can promote evidence-informed policy, to inform decisions within and beyond DFID, about whether to fund and how to design this type of programme in future.

The Stage 1 synthesis report explores the first findings from the BCURE evaluation about how and why capacity building for evidence use works and does not work, for whom, to what extent, in what respects, and in what circumstances.

This briefing note summarises the synthesis and reflects on some of the broader lessons emerging from the evaluation up to this stage. The paper outlines six insights for those designing and implementing capacity building strategies.

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