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V4C Case Study – Traditional leaders advocate for female decision makers

This V4C case study examines the role of traditional leaders in promoting positive attitudes towards women and girls.


Traditional leaders, who are largely men and role models for their followers, can play a crucial part in promoting gender equality within the community. In Nigeria, where leadership roles have historically been allocated to males, traditional leaders are demonstrating that it is possible to break the mould by promoting women to top-level positions within their communities.

In an attempt to increase support from men and boys within communities, and to promote positive attitudes towards women and girls, V4C has sought to expand the pool of traditional leaders advocating for positive change within their communities. This case study looks at the people at the centre of the change as well as the observers of the change in order to understand how these outcomes have come about, as well as the impact of women’s participation in community decision-making more widely.

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