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Resilience Measurement – MEL approaches in practice

Robbie Gregorowski, Alex Dorgan and Claire Hutchings

This report offers a discussion of the key challenges and lessons in operationalizing resilience measurement-monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) frameworks, a headline synthesis of key messages from case study evidence, and suggested headline priorities for consideration by the Community of Practice (CoP).

The work draws on the combined experience and knowledge of a set of leading specialists and practitioners who design and operationalize the resilience measurement and resilience monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems of the largest and most innovative and prominent resilience-strengthening programs globally.

The reflections of these experts on the challenges they face in operationalizing resilience measurement frameworks were captured in a set of case studies, which were then presented and discussed by the CoP. The evidence and ensuing discussion was synthesized and analyzed using a framework approach to thematic analysis