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Poor Rural Communities Development Project – Participation Manual


Over the past few years, governmental, public sector and non-governmental organizations have devoted considerable time and resources to the development of poor areas and particularly the poorer sections of the community. At the same time, government at all levels and social organizations have come to recognize that reliance on top-down planning and decision-making is unlikely to result in sustainable development and capacity building of local communities. Local
communities, local government organizations and NGOs are seen to play equally important and decisive roles in poverty alleviation.

PRCDP aims to improve livelihoods and capacities for sustainable selfdevelopment of the poorest groups in Provinces within the project. Effective cooperation between the government, Project and target groups has become the key condition for success of PRCDP. To achieve this, PRCDP is working to ensure sustained and effective participation of poor groups, women, ethnic minorities and marginalized groups throughout the whole project cycle: from poverty analysis and development planning to implementing, monitoring, evaluating and revising project activities.

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