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Joint Country-Led Evaluation of Child-focused Policies within the Social Protection Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Background of this evaluation

UNICEF in cooperation with DEP/EPPU has commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of the ongoing process of strengthening child-focused and evidence-based policy making within the Medium-term Development Strategy (MTDS). This evaluation is meant to inform both the ongoing MTDS process and the strategic support provided by UNICEF. The evaluation has been carried by a team of consultants assembled by ITAD between March and June 2007

Purpose of this evaluation

The ToR provided by UNICEF have defined the purpose and intended use of this evaluation as an “ex-ante evaluation of the MTDS process to inform and structure the production of the strategic social sector documents in 2007, and to inform UNICEF’s Mid Term Review and UNDAF Evaluation, assessing UNICEF’s contribution to the BiH Social Protection sector.” However, during the course of the evaluation the purpose has been modified to some extent and it became focussed on the review evidence-based policy making in relation to Children’s Allowances in BiH and UNICEF’s contribution to development of evidence-based, child focused methodologies in the social protection sector. There was agreement between stakeholders that this is not an evaluation of the Directorate of Economic Planning (DEP) who is in charge of coordinating the MTDS process.

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