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GEMS results measurement handbook

Tim Ruffer

The purpose of this handbook is to provide GEMS with a consistent framework for capturing and reporting results and to ensure a coherent approach to results measurement across the programme. DFID is required to report the results of GEMS to a wide range of stakeholders.

It is therefore important that there is consistency in the definition and measurement of its achievements – to ensure that the results reported are credible and consistent, and that there is transparency in the measurement approaches that are applied. The application of this handbook is also intended to provide programme managers with a consistent framework to measure success and value for money and thereby provide information to guide management decisions such as whether interventions require amendment or are worthy of scaling up.

The handbook provides definitions and measurement standards, taking into account the wide spectrum of interventions included under GEMS. Whilst common definitions and approaches have been developed, the handbook has been designed to allow for flexibility to tailor approaches to individual interventions and contexts. The handbook does not provide comprehensive guidance for every type of intervention; project managers are required to adapt the guidance to their context, whilst ensuring that they maintain consistency with the definitions and measurement approaches provided.