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Evaluation of Transformational Change in the Climate Investment Funds

This report provides the results of an independent evaluation of the transformational change that has been supported by the CIF (Climate Investment Funds).


The purpose of the evaluation was to better understand and assess transformational change in the context of the countries, programs, and partnerships through which CIF operates. The evaluation aims to provide systematic, evidence-based learning on CIF’s role with regard to transformational change.

CIF’s goal is to support transformational change toward low-carbon, climate-resilient development in the areas of mitigation, resilience, and forests. It does this through four programs: The Clean Technology Fund (CTF), the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), the Forest Investment Program (FIP), and the Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low-Income Countries Program (SREP).

CIF has contributed to shifting development trajectories in its target countries. Over the ten years of CIF’s operation, there have been significant changes in the development dynamics associated with climate change. CIF’s programs have, in many cases, made a significant contribution to this dynamic, as explored in detail in this report, and they have been implemented in the context of a much larger financing and development effort mobilized by governments, international agencies, private sector actors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).