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Evaluation of DFID Country Programmes: West Bengal

ITAD, KIT and Verulam

This evaluation of the West Bengal State Programme was carried out by a team of Evaluation Dept (EvD) staff and independent consultants as part of a rolling programme of Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs).

The programme of studies is intended to ensure compliance with DFID’s corporate accountability as well as contributing to wider lesson learning across the organisation and informing the development of future strategy at country and regional level. The team was led by Julian Barr (ITAD Ltd) and the process was managed by Iain Murray and Lynn Quinn of EvD’s country programme team. The study focused on DFID’s programme during the period 2000-2006 and was carried out over the period July – September 2006. This included a one week inception visit carried out by EvD and the Team Leader and a three week field visit carried out by the consultancy team, focussing on interviews with DFID staff, local stakeholders and key partners.

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