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Dynamic monitoring and results: How the Propcom Mai-Karfi project designed and implemented an adaptive measurement system


Itad is leading the monitoring and evaluation spoke for BEAM Exchange, which aims to build the credibility of the market systems approach by strengthening the evidence base of its impact, and to support practitioners to improve implementation by generating and responding better to information on the effects of their interventions.

This BEAM Exchange case study, co-authored by Itad, focuses on Propcom Mai-Karfi, a DFID-funded programme that uses a fit-for-purpose ‘dynamic and adaptive’ MRM system for their shea nut intervention. The system is ‘dynamic’ because it aims to capture in real time market information, which changes frequently. It is ‘adaptive’ because the system itself is designed to evolve over time through learning in action, and to support the intervention to adapt to the constant changes in market conditions. The case study explains how the programme had to adapt the monitoring and results system and offers recommendations on MRM systems for market systems interventions.

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