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DFID BRACED Knowledge Manager Evaluation Plan

Itad is responsible for BRACED monitoring and evaluation (M&E) on behalf of the BRACED Knowledge Manager (KM).


The  £140m DFID Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters Programme (BRACED) programme is presently the world’s largest climate resilience strengthening programme.

Itad is responsible for BRACED monitoring and evaluation (M&E) on behalf of the BRACED Knowledge Manager (KM).  BRACED M&E to date has involved designing a comprehensive project to programme results reporting system across the 15 Implementing Partner (IP) consortia in 12 countries, and designing and initiating a portfolio of programme evaluation activities.  The BRACED KM Evaluation Plan provides an overall approach and detailed outline of how the KM M&E team will deliver a coherent package of evaluative activities across the project and programme over the next three years.  The Evaluation Plan reflects the KM’s response to bring together a range of perspectives and demands from a set of key stakeholders within and across DFID, the World Bank, the BRACED Fund Manager, and the set of BRACED Implementing Partners.  The purpose of the Evaluation Plan is ‘to help determine what works to build resilience to climate extremes’, through the generation and synthesis of robust evidence of ‘what works, where, and why?’

The Evaluation Plan is structured around five proposed Evaluation Activities:

  • Evaluation Activity 1 – Evaluating the BRACED Programme Theory of Change
  • Evaluation Activity 2 – Evaluating the set of BRACED Resilience Strengthening Interventions
  • Evaluation Activity 3 – BRACED Project-level Results: Catholic Relief Services – Mali and Niger, Farm Africa – Ethiopia and Plan International – Myanmar
  • Evaluation Activity 4 – World Bank Adaptive Social Protection Programme Evaluation
  • Evaluation Activity 5 – Flexible KM Evaluation Resources

Each of these Evaluation Activities is introduced in more detail in the Evaluation Plan document which can be downloaded to the right.

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