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BCURE Literature Review Section 2 – What factors promote and constrain evidence-informed policy making?


There is a large amount of evidence on the barriers to and facilitators of EIPM, synthesised in a number of secondary reviews. However, this evidence has been criticised for focusing on single elements of the policy-making process and relying on the perceptions of research producers and users; rather than considering how evidence is actually used within policy processes as a whole. This section of the BCURE Literature Review therefore considers some of the primary evidence that has been less frequently discussed in existing secondary reviews, on psychological, political, cultural and institutional factors affecting EIPM (and the interrelationships between them) – taking into account theories of power, politics, networks, cognitive processes and complexity discussed in Section 1.

You can also download the full literature review, and Sections 1 and 3.

Read the Literature Review Briefing Note for an overview of three of the main lessons.