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Appraising Monitoring Systems

Lessons learned from verifying the DFID WASH Results Programme Verification in Practice #2


This practical note on appraising monitoring systems (or “systems appraisals”) has been written to support staff involved in commissioning or managing Payment by Results (PbR) programmes. Produced by e-Pact, the Monitoring & Verification (MV) team for the DFID WASH Results Programme, the note explains how the MV team defines a systems appraisal, what it involves and why one can be useful.

The WASH Results Programme aims to support poor people in 12 countries to access improved water and sanitation and to introduce improved hygiene practices. Three NGO consortia (‘Suppliers’) were contracted by DFID to reach 4.9 million people, initially. In response to DFID’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and as part of DFID’s strategy to tackle extreme poverty by delivering the ‘basics’ of development, including extending access to clean water and sanitation, WASH Results was expanded to ensure an additional 2.5 million people gain access, to be completed in 2021.