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2011.05 Evaluation of the Danish engagement in and around Somalia 2006-10

Itad / LDP

Current Danish support to Somalia (and neighbouring countries) includes support to refugees and internally displaced persons through the Regions of Origin (ROI) programme, humanitarian support and support to recovery/reconstruction and development. The specific aims of the different types of support vary, but the overall (long-term) aim of the Danish engagement is to support the development of a peaceful, moderate and democratic Somalia in sustainable, pro-poor growth.

The overall objective of the evaluation is to assess the relevance and effectiveness of the combined range of activities supported in view of the policy paper on the Danish engagement with Somalia and in view of other relevant strategies, including the Strategic Framework for the Regions of Origin Initiative (ROI) and the Strategy for Danish Humanitarian Action 2010-15.

The evaluation is forward looking in nature and aims at contributing to the continued improvement of the Danish support to peace and development in Somalia by assessing results and identifying lessons learned from the overall approach and the specific experiences of the activities funded from the various sources and through various channels.

The evaluation report was prepared with contributions (field or desk) from the following: Judith Gardner, Tania Kelly, Elsebeth Krogh, Clare Manuel, Mohammed Mussa, Charlotte Vaillant and Haroon Ahmed Yusuf.