Itad to discuss Global Mine Action Programme evaluation

Itad’s Tom Gillhespy will be at the 22nd International Meeting of Mine Action National Directors and United Nations Advisers (NDM-UN) in Geneva this week. NDM-UN is an annual meeting where mine action stakeholders meet to discuss emerging issues, and exchange best practices and lessons learned.

At a side event on Thursday 7th February, Tom will present our work on the evaluation of the UK Aid-funded Global Mine Action Programme which ran in Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Somalia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and Burma between 2014 and 2018. The evaluation assesses the contribution of the UK’s investments in mine action to the GMAP ToC which is centred around the key activities of mine risk education, land reduction and clearance, and capacity development of national mine action authorities and implementers. In doing so, the evaluation explores the link between these activities and the safety and security of communities, development outcomes relating to productive land use and access to services, national ownership of mine action, and progress towards the Ottawa Treaty. As the GMAP has broadened its scope from legacy mine contamination to more active conflicts, the evaluation also explores the relationship between mine action and stabilisation.

Tom will be joined by colleagues from The HALO Trust, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) and DFID, and the session will be chaired by Aidan Liddle, UK Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament.

Find out more about the meeting here.