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Our blogs reflect our work, our people and where we see our role in the wider world.

We want to inspire and lead debate, share evidence about what works in international development and champion results that help the poorest and most vulnerable.

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Remote workshop facilitation: Lessons from lockdown

A central part of our work here at Itad is facilitating workshops and creative thinking of all kinds. From putting together...

epidemics and NTDs

Epidemics and NTDs: Avoiding further neglect

Previous epidemics have taught us that essential services such as access to NTD (neglected tropical disease) programmes can...

evidence during covid 19

Continuing results in development:
the importance of evidence during COVID-19

The COVID-19 (C19) pandemic has had profound effects on lives around the world and will continue to do so for years, if not...

focus group interview

Evaluation at the humanitarian-development nexus: Lessons from the DRC

Having only joined Itad in late 2019 as a research analyst, I was eager to get out into the field and explore the world of...

family planning

COVID-19 and sexual and reproductive health: Lessons from Zika and Ebola

The need to rapidly learn from previous experience and evidence on sexual and reproductive health in epidemics is now an...

children working on a project using ipad

Education in the time of COVID-19: Learning for a resilient future

The latest data from UNESCO shows that over 1.5 billion learners have been affected by restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.


From privilege to right: Why we need access to water for all

For World Water Day, we asked our WASH team to share their thoughts on why access to water for all is essential and what the...


Adapting to adaptive programming

I find that my natural scepticism is occasionally interpreted as me being cynical. And a cynic might ask what the difference...


Reality bites: Lessons from five years of realist evaluation at Itad

It’s been over five years since Itad hurtled head-first into the fascinating world of realist evaluation. Since setting up a...


Ethics in evaluation: Why it is important

Ethics and safeguarding are increasingly at the centre of evaluation practice. Following the 2019 publication of DFID’s...


Five things about Itad’s learning culture

Itad's Learning and Development Lead, Rachel Conway, reflects on our organisational learning culture after six months in the job.


60 seconds with…Rachel Conway

Our ‘60 Seconds with…’ blogs are designed to provide a quick rundown of what our staff do here at Itad. Here is what...


Dogs at Itad: Barking mad or beneficial?

Work can be stressful, and dogs have been proven to actively reduce stress levels - so, it makes sense that dogs and...


Tackling NTDs: A look at the future of control and elimination

As evaluators working on WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and NTDs (neglected tropical diseases), we thought it was time...


The fight against deadly pandemics: the importance of strengthening International Health Regulations

With global disease outbreaks becoming increasingly common, the importance of building both the UK and other countries’...


Why we are passionate about education at Itad?

To mark International Day of Education we asked three of our evaluators to reflect on their work on this topic, why access to...