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Webinar explores COVID-19 vaccine equity and the role of evaluation

We hosted a free webinar on 15 April 2021 to explore the role of evaluation in supporting vaccine equity for COVID-19. The event featured speakers at the forefront of the global response to COVID-19.


The webinar followed on from our recent research on COVID-19 vaccine equity.

The panel featured:

  • Dr Mariângela Simão (WHO Assistant Director-General for Access to Medicines, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals)
  • Gian Gandhi (UNICEF COVAX Coordinator)
  • Laura Craw (Senior Programme Manager, Monitoring, at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance)
  • Lois Chingandu (Director: Evidence & Influence, Frontline AIDS)

We discussed:

  • How can real-time assessments help evaluate whether initiatives to distribute vaccines equitably are working or will work?
  • What data or evidence is required to ensure that low- and middle-income countries aren’t left behind?
  • What role – if any – can evaluative evidence have in addressing ‘vaccine nationalism’? How can the global community rise to the challenge of equitable vaccine distribution?
  • What are the in-country challenges and bottlenecks that are being exposed as the vaccine race unfolds? How can we put into place systems to track attempts to address these?

The recording from the webinar will be online soon and we will also publish a blog revisiting some of the questions asked by the audience. Watch this space.

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Feature image: istock/tommy