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The Norwegian Aid Administration’s Practice of Results-Based Management

Itad Associate Director Rob Lloyd was in Oslo on 9th March 2018 talking about our evaluation of the Norwegian Aid Administration’s Practice of Results-Based Management.


The focus of this evaluation, commissioned by the independent evaluation department in Norad and conducted with the Chr. Michelsen Institute, was to understand how RBM works in practice within the aid administration – to explore what impact it has on how resources are allocated and on the organisations that receive grants. The wide-reaching findings will influence how the administration articulates, operationalises and practices RBM.

Rob was joined by International Development Minister Nikolai Astrup, director of the Directorate for Financial Management, Hilde Singsaas, the Secretary-General of CARE Norway, Gry Larsen and Norad Director Jon Lomøy to comment on the evaluation findings.

You can watch a recording of the session here (in Norwegian, with Rob’s presentation in English).

Click here to read the report. 

Below Rob gives a quick overview of the evaluation and its findings.

The report has generated debate in the Norwegian media and Norad Director, Jon Lomøy, has written a piece on the findings:

Bistandsaktuelt: UD og Norad krever rapporter, men bruker dem ikke (UD and Norad require reports, but do not use them)

Norad: Evaluering undervurderer læring i bistanden (Evaluation underestimates learning in aid)