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Itad response to COVID-19

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has now declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic and called for urgent global action. In response, Itad is taking measures in line with UK government advice to help reduce the spread of the virus, maintain business operations and continue to deliver results for our partners.


We have closed our office and suspended international travel for our staff and independent consultants until further notice in order to limit potential exposure to, and transmission of, the virus. We are confident that we will still be able to deliver the high-quality work our partners expect from us through our established global networks and our remote-working capabilities.

  • Following UK government advice and to protect the health and safety of our staff and their families, we have now closed our UK headquarters. Having tested the capability of our systems to support a full-office closure on March 13th, we believe we are able to ensure business continuity and ongoing operational functions.
  • In response to global climate change we had invested in technology to support remote working and we are now using this to ensure we are still able to deliver on our projects to the highest possible standards. Whether this is facilitating workshops, attending meetings or gathering data, we are able to scope, design and carry out alternative ways to meet these needs.
  • Our global network of trusted partners allows us to continue to work in-country where it is safe and possible to do so, with continued support from our teams based in the UK and USA.

We will review our decisions and practices daily to ensure that we are responding appropriately to an evolving and challenging context. Our commitment to delivering results and living our values will remain unwavering, and we will continue to operate in a way that ensures the health of our staff and partners, enables our work to continue and contributes to the global effort to contain the spread of the virus.

For general enquiries regarding either our UK or USA office, please contact Enquiries relating to our projects should be directed towards our individual project teams.