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Itad at the 2018 UK Evaluation Society Conference

Several Itad staff members will be at the 2018 UK Evaluation Society (UKES) conference, which this year is framed around the evaluation cycle, considering the demand for, supply and use of evidence from evaluations.


Spanning the 2nd and 3rd of May, the conference will be opened by Itad Non-Executive Director and current UKES President, Julian Barr.

On Wednesday, 2nd May:

In parallel session 3.3, Greg Gleed, in conjunction with DFID and NORAD, will hold a practice session drawing together experiences of developing quality assurance instruments and exploring evaluation use. The panel will reflect on the opportunities and challenges they face with quality assurance and evaluation use.

On Thursday, 3rd May:

In parallel session 4.3, Chris Perry and other Itad colleagues will draw on our experiences of playing the role of a learning partner with a range of clients from the public sector and philanthropic foundations, and how this can support greater evidence use and enable adaptation and decision-making.

In parallel session 5.1, Claire Hughes will look back on our work on measuring social¬†norms change in DFID’s Voices for Change programme, and how building and using high-quality evidence is a long-term commitment.

In parallel session 5.3, Mel Punton will reflect on our realist evaluation of DFID’s Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) programme and the tensions that arose between quality and usability while attempting to stay true to the principles of realist evaluation.

In parallel session 6.4, Ed Hedley¬†and Mel Punton, with colleagues from the University of East Anglia, will also look at our use of realist evaluation across several projects, this time asking ‘how realist can you really be in international development?’

We’ll be tweeting from the conference using the hashtag #ItadAtUKES – follow us for thoughts and insights from across the sessions. If you’re going to be at the conference, do come see us and say hello.

Find out more about the conference here.