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Five things about Itad’s learning culture

Itad's Learning and Development Lead, Rachel Conway, reflects on our organisational learning culture after six months in the job.


If I were to describe the learning culture at Itad in one word, that word would be ‘empowered’. Here are my five reasons why I feel that way…

1. We all want to be involved at every stage of the learning and development cycle.

Whether it’s the creation of the courses, establishing the learning need or facilitating the sessions – our teams are eager to get involved! Learning is essential to who Itad is at our core and the whole company is so very engaged in making that come to life.

2. Our learning and development programme is supported by our senior team every step of the way.

What struck me the most when I joined Itad last September, was how invested our senior team and Partners are in supporting and delivering L&D to the whole business. They are incredibly passionate about ensuring our teams have the space to gain and grow the skills they need and want to develop, and they want to be at the forefront of providing those opportunities.

3. We are one big team and our induction programme cements that.

At Itad we appreciate that the relationships we make with our colleagues are critical in building a supportive team so our induction programme is designed to give our new recruits the platform to be able to reach out to every team and receive sessions on all areas of the business, whether it’s essential for their role or not.

4. We aren’t restricted to in-house resources.

Where we need outside help to assist with professional and specialist qualifications, Itad has supported many team members in finding the right course and ensuring that they have enough time away from the office to focus on passing their course.

5. We make access to learning simple.

We know that our teams are travelling around the world working with our partners so we want to ensure our training packages are accessible when they need them. The cherry on the top of the Itad L&D cake is our learning management platform, ‘Itademy’. The platform holds our own bespoke training sessions, as well as a huge variety of externally sourced courses.

My biggest take-away from working with Itad over the past six months is that L&D is all about collaboration. Training and coaching should come from the experts and they should be a part of the process, every step of the way!