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60 Seconds with…Katharina Welle

Our ‘60 Seconds with…’ blogs are designed to provide a quick run down of what our staff do here at Itad. Here is what Kathi had to say:


What’s your job here at Itad?

I’m a senior consultant working on the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of water supply, sanitation and hygiene, the use of ICTs in M&E and the CDI.

What does that involve?

A lot of very varied tasks from project management to really interesting research, and the trialling and reflection on (impact) evaluation methods

How did you get into the field?

I’d worked on water supply, sanitation and hygiene already as a student, specialising more and more on the governance side of water studies over time. While doing my PhD, I got particularly interested in the M&E side and in methodology development related to that.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working in different teams and the variety of the tasks: involvement in project work content-wise and management-wise, the active reflection on methods encouraged at Itad, and the collaboration with academia via the CDI.

What new innovations/methods have you noticed in your sector?

The rise of process tracing and qualitative comparative analysis as well as results-based financing.

Recent highlight?

We are about to hand in the inception report for the WASH MVE project, and have just handed in the inception report of the ‘Testing the waters’ research project today.

Favourite place you have visited as part of your job?

I’ve only been in London so far!