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Giada Tu Thanh

Giada Tu Thanh is a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) professional with over seven years working experience in development cooperation.

Over the last three years, she has worked as a consultant on evaluation projects commissioned by the Global Fund, UNICEF, WHO, DFID, the UK Department of Health and the European Commission. Her sectoral expertise encompasses HIV/AIDS, vaccines, antimicrobial resistance, Global Health cooperation, health financing, advocacy, organisational and development effectiveness.

Prior to joining Itad in April 2015, Giada worked in Brussels for four and a half years, managing M&E projects commissioned by the EC (DG DEVCO, DG Enlargement and EU Delegations).

Giada holds a Masters in Development Management from the London School of Economics where she specialised in Population and Gender issues. Her final dissertation focussed on how to make initiatives to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases more effective by drawing men and less technical dimensions of sexual behaviour into the picture.

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Nationality: Italian
Languages: Italian (Mother Tongue), English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Country Experience:

Benin, Cambodia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam


2008 - 2009
MSc Development Management
London School of Economics
2005 - 2008
MSc European and International Studies
School of International Studies, University of Trento
2005 - 2006
Diploma in International Cooperation and Development
International Political Studies Institute (ISPI)
2002 - 2005
BA Sociology
University of Milano-Bicocca


2015 - Ongoing
Itad Ltd.

2012 - 2015
Evaluation and Project Manager
Framework Contracts Unit, IBF International Consulting
Project Manager in charge of implementation, follow-up and Quality Control of several Monitoring & Evaluation missions and Calls for proposals for the European Commission (DEVCO, DG ELARG, European Commission Delegations).
2010 - 2011
Junior Project Manager
Framework Contracts Unit, IBF International Consulting
Project Manager in charge of implementation and follow-up of missions in South East Asia, Latin America, Caribbean and the Pacific. During this time, Giada organised and accompanied the field visit to Brussels (Feb 2011) and Jakarta (July 2011) of three representatives of the Cambodian Human Rights Committee (CHRC), holding meetings with relevant people dealing with human rights issues within the EC/EUD, the national governments and CSOs/think thanks, ASEAN and the Indonesian Human Right to collect best practices to create an independent Cambodian Human Right Commission. Attended the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) consultations in Phnom Penh (July 2011), between the CHRC and national CSOs.
2009 - 2010
Bluebook Trainee
Geographical Coordination and Supervision for Asia and Central Asia Unit, EuropeAid
Drafted and edited reports, briefs, tables and other documents concerning EU-funded development cooperation initiatives in Asia, including the sections on cooperation with Asia and Central Asia of the Annual Report on the EC External Activities (which went for publication) and the Annual Management Plan, and monitored trends in EU compliance with international Aid Effectiveness guidelines. Coordinated for 5 months the fundraising activities of a group of sixteen trainees and devised promotional campaigns and materials for our events and for our sponsors in order to finance a field visit to Ethiopia in the context of which we visited various development projects and we liaised with the EU Delegation and other donors, such as UNDP, the African Union and various INGOs.
Coffey International
Devised an appraisal mechanism for governments to select Extractive Industry companies that would deliverer optimum benefits towards their National Development Strategy.


Survey design and implementation
Effective Analytical Leadership
10th International Workshop on HIV Treatment, Pathogenesis and Prevention Research in Resource Limited Settings (INTEREST)
Realist Evaluation
Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
Statistical Reasoning for Public Health: Estimation, Inference, & Interpretation
11th EES Biennial Conference, preceded by two pre-conference workshops on Outcome Harvesting & M&E to Manage for Impact (M4I)
PRINCE 2 Foundation & Practitioner certificates, APMG International
Cost-Benefit Analysis of EU Investment Projects
Evaluation in the Networked Society, EES 10th Biennial Conference preceded by two pre-conference workshops on Gender Sensitive Evaluation and Promoting a Real World and Holistic Approach to Impact Evaluation
TrainEval: Design of Development Evaluations & Cost-Effectiveness Analysis,
Negotiation Skills
Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) as a quality tool for Project Cycle Management
Principles and Practice of Aid Effectiveness
Project Cycle Management
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate

Project Experience:

2017 - ongoing
Global Fund Thematic Review of in country Programmatic Assurance
(The Global Fund) - Consultant
The Global Fund has commissioned Itad and Euro Health Group to conduct a Thematic Review of Information Generation and Utilisation by the Global Fund for ensuring progress toward national public health goals. The purpose of the review is to analyse whether information providers and mechanisms are effectively utilized and to identify potential ways of strengthening in-country information generation and utilization processes.

As Project Manager and core team member, Giada is conducting a structured desk review; supporting the design, management and analysis of two online surveys, as well as leading a remote case study on Niger.

2016 - Ongoing
Fleming Fund Independent Evaluation Supplier
(UK Department of Health) - Consultant
The Department of Health has launched the Fleming Fund, a £265 million one health programme, to support low and middle income countries (LMICs) in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The aim of the Fleming Fund is to improve laboratory capacity and diagnosis as well as data and surveillance of AMR in LMICs through a one health approach: building capacity to collect drug resistance data; enabling the sharing of drug resistance data locally, regionally and internationally; collating data on AMR; and encouraging the application of these data to promote the rational use of antimicrobials. Itad has been contracted to deliver an independent evaluation of the Fleming Fund country and regional level projects.

As Project Manager and core team member, Giada is leading on Contribution Analysis to assess how far the outputs of the portfolio of country and regional grants have contributed, or will contribute, to the outcomes and impact of the overarching Fleming Fund. She is also leading on integrating a gender sensitive approach into the evaluation.

2016 - 2017
The Global Fund’s 2017 Strategic Review
(Global Fund) - Consultant
The Global Fund has commissioned Itad and Euro Health Group to conduct the Strategic Review 2017 (SR2017). The SR2017 is a follow on to the Strategic Review 2015 (SR2015) and has two overarching objectives: one is to assess progress specifically made during the final two years of the Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016, and the other is to analyse how lessons learned are contributing to the readiness of the Global Fund in implementing its 2017-2022 Strategy.

As Project Manager and core team member, Giada has co-led the drafting of the Inception Report as well as one of the 3 work streams of the review on ‘Measurement and Accountability’. She conducted a structured desk review and Key Informant Interviews, both at headquarters and at country level (Benin, Vietnam).

2016 - ongoing
UNICEF Programming in Health Systems Strengthening – A Formative Evaluation
(UNICEF) - Consultant
A Formative Evaluation of the new HSS Approach has been identified as an important learning opportunity for UNICEF. Its primary purpose is to facilitate learning by generating credible evidence on what is needed for the successful implementation of HSS. This is being addressed by documenting how UNICEF adapts as an organization and how it shifts its investments and programming in HSS, and by identifying implementation successes, opportunities, challenges and barriers.

Giada has lead three remote case studies (Argentina, DRC, Niger).

2016 - Ongoing
Evaluation of the China-UK Global Health Support Programme (GHSP)
(DFID, China) - Consultant
In 2011, the China-UK Global Health Support Programme (GHSP) was designed under this partnership to contribute to improved global health policy and outcomes, as well as to help China improve its contribution to global health and achieve the potential of its health cooperation. Officially launched in January 2013, GHSP is a five year programme (2012-2017) with a £12,000,000 financial contribution from DFID. Itad has been contracted by DFID to design and collect baseline data and information, end of project data and information for GHSP, and design and conduct mid-term evaluation, as well as project completion evaluation.

As Project Manager and consultant, Giada is conducting two case studies: one on AMR and the other on China's engagement with the WHO and other international organisations on Global Health.

2016 - 2017
Evaluation of External Financing Instruments
(EC) - Junior Expert
The EC has commissioned to Itad, as part of a consortium led by Particip, an evaluation of three of its External Financing Instruments (EFIs) – namely the Common Implementing Regulation (CIR), the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) and the Greenland Decision (GD). The GD has two main components: sector budget support for education and EU-Greenland policy dialogue.

Giada contributed to the development of the Evaluation Framework and collated and analysed documents for the GD evaluation. She also contributed to the drafting of the GD Desk Report and led on the CIR annex for the GD Final Report.

2016 - Ongoing
Fifth IHP+ Monitoring Round – Country Assessments
(WHO) - Consultant
Itad, as part of a consortium led by hera, has been contracted to deliver the 2016 round of monitoring on Effective Development Cooperation, based on 2015 data for IHP+ signatories.

Giada supported the work of a group of six senior experts and 16 national experts collecting data in 16 French and Portuguese speaking African countries by providing guidance on tools and processes; facilitated coordination; monitored progress; verified / collated and analysed reported quantitative and qualitative data; contributed to the development of country visual aids and power point presentations. She also coordinated the drafting of the discussions of findings guide for national consultants.

Evaluation of UNICEF’s PMTCT/paediatric AIDS programme
(UNICEF) - Consultant
Mixed methods evaluation of UNICEF’s global strategic programme across 77 countries, to contribute to improving UNICEF’s accountability for its performance and results and to generate evidence and learning. The evaluation aims to guide i) effective action towards the achievement of the UNICEF strategic plan HIV outcome and ii) UNICEF positioning in the post 2015 HIV agenda as guided by the UNAIDS 2016-2021 strategy.

Giada was in charge of conducting document review; co-leading an in depth case study in Cameroon and leading a remote case study on Haiti; conducting KIIs at regional level; analysing data; contributing to the drafting of the final report.

2015 - 2017
Global Fund Advocacy Portfolio Level Assessment
(BMGF) - Consultant
The Gates Foundation has been funding a number of organisations to perform advocacy work to mobilize resources for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. To maximize the contribution of government donors to the Global Fund's 5th replenishment, the Gates Foundation has tasked Itad with: developing a clearly articulated Theory of Change for the GFA investments that are supporting resource mobilization for the Global Fund; conducting an in-depth assessment and mapping of the existing M&E systems and tools being used by grantees; assessing the contributions and effectiveness of the GFA investments in supporting the Global Fund resource mobilization strategy and in maintaining sustainable support for the Global Fund.

Giada led the review of seven grantees (ONE UK, StopAIDS, Comic Relief UK, Osservatorio AIDS, Action Italy, Friends Europe Italy, ONE Italy). She also led the Italian case study and supported the UK case study (through desk review, KIIs, administration and analysis of a survey, regular follow up).

Evaluation of Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) Vaccines Program
(BMGF) - Consultant
The Gates Foundation has been funding CHAI’s work to improve vaccine delivery systems. Itad has conducted a learning-focused evaluation which led to the co-creation of recommendations so that the Foundation and CHAI can strengthen their partnership by identifying best practices for future program design and strategic planning. The evaluation used mixed methods, analysis against a Theory of Change, case studies in seven countries, force field and management models of analysis to answer key Evaluation Questions.

Giada was in charge of conducting desk review, co-leading a Deep Dive Case study in Tanzania (including KIIs and two workshops) and leading a Light Touch Country case study (Cameroon). She also contributed to the facilitation of the recommendations workshop in Nairobi and to the drafting of the final report.

Evaluation of DFID-CHAI Market-Shaping for Access to Safe, Effective and Affordable Health Commodities
(DFID) - Consultant
DFID has been supporting CHAI in the implementation of a £35m programme entitled ‘Market-Shaping for Access to Safe, Effective and Affordable Health Commodities’. Itad led this evaluation that covered a sample of four programme areas – HIV Point of care diagnostics, HIV treatment, Malaria treatment, and Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) – and a review of one – the Value for Money in HIV spending.

Giada performed Qualitative Data Analysis using Dedoose and supported the drafting of the interim findings and the final report by completing Evidence Matrices.


  • Sections on Asia and Central Asia (2009)
    Annual Report 2010 on the European Community's Development and External Assistance Policies and their Implementation in 2009
    Giada Tu Thanh