Voices for Change

2012-2017; Nigeria; DFID

The Voices for Change (V4C) programme is an ambitious, innovative gender programme. It prioritises development for adolescent girls and women, which it sees as the key to Nigeria’s future.

V4C aims to strengthen the enabling environment for adolescent girls and women by building their self-esteem and self-confidence, changing society’s discriminatory attitudes to women and girls, and by the way women and girls are treated under law. This translates into creating ‘safe spaces’ for women and girls, a heavy investment in communications campaigns on issues like early marriage and keeping girls in school, and targeted advocacy on laws such as the violence against the person act.

DFID Nigeria has committed £26 million over five years to fund V4C. By empowering women and adolescent girls the desire is that they will be more able to access basic services, grasp economic opportunities and increase their influence and control over decisions that affect them.


We are one of four partners in the consortium managing V4C for DFID. We are leading on ‘results’. This means we provide technical leadership on programme monitoring and evaluation, including development of the V4C logframe, and M&E Strategy, and a theory-based internal evaluation. We provide the programme’s Results Director and guide the fulltime Results and Learning Manager.

DFID has contracted V4C as a ‘design and build’ programme. This means the inception phase has centred on producing a DFID Business Case submission. We contributed to the theory of change in the appraisal case, the Value for Money justification of the programme, and the M&E sections in the management case.

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