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Evaluation of Adolescents 360

2016-2020; Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania; BMGF, CIFF
In sub-Saharan Africa each year, adolescent girls account for 16% of all births, an estimated 2,200,000 unintended pregnancies, and 25% of all unsafe abortions.

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Itad’s Realist Evaluation week - Three Lessons from the BRACED session

One of the evaluation questions Itad is seeking to answer for DFID’s BRACED programme is: how and why have different ‘packages’ of activities strengthened resilience in particular contexts? The evaluation…

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Webinar: Going forwards in circles – adaptive management for complex problems, like climate change

Join this BRACED webinar, with Itad’s Non-Executive Director Julian Barr, to explore flexible and adaptive programming in the complex field of Climate Change. Development is increasingly dealing with complex problems…