Accountability and protection: two sides of the same coin – Lessons from DFID’s accountability programming in the Philippines

This blog is written by Mary Ann Brocklesby and Katie Tong, who were team members on the recent Itad evaluation of DFID’s humanitarian response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 

Accountability to affected populations (AAP) is one of three relatively newly emerging and interlinked cross-cutting areas of humanitarian work, together with Communicating with …

Learning from HIEP on Evaluation Methodology

As team leader of the evaluation of DFID’s Humanitarian Innovation and Evaluation Programme (HIEP) I am learning a lot about leading a theory-based evaluation of a complex programme over five years!

HIEP is a UK£48 million programme made up of 16 projects carried out with partners from the academic, humanitarian and policy arenas around the world. It aims to …