Itad at EES 2018

Join us this week at the European Evaluation Society (EES) Biennial conference, where several members of the Itad team will present work from a variety of our projects.

Wednesday 3rd October

10am, Olympias room. In a session on resilient climate change, Clare Stott will reflect on our work with the Global Resilience Partnership and unpack how evaluation can be …

Evidence and evaluation: What’s the Use?

As evaluators, we worry that all our hard work sometimes goes no further than the ‘Evaluation Report Shelf’.

At the recent European Evaluation Society 2016 conference, I presented some of the findings of the evaluation I lead of DFID’s Humanitarian Innovation and Evidence Programme (HIEP), which has a focus on use of evidence, and I reflected on the use of …

Itad at EES: Five takeaways from inside the QCA bubble

At this year’s European Evaluation Society (EES) conference, I found myself almost exclusively attending sessions related to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA).

Two years ago, QCA was still the newbie at EES, but with seven sessions this year, the approach has taken a prominent role in European evaluation discourse and practice. Exciting applications and …