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Mike Felton

Mike Felton is an associate consultant of Itad and an experienced Team Leader. He specialises in monitoring and evaluation, planning, log frame approach, training and workshop facilitation and project management.

Mike is currently engaged in three government and sector reform programmes in Nigeria (governance reform on the DFID funded SPARC, and two EC funded water sector reform programmes). In 2008 he concluded the evaluation of the National Agricultural Advisory Services, EC supported (NAADS) programme as Team Leader in Uganda.

Previously he led the evaluation of the World Bank funded ZAMSIF programme (Zambia) in 2007 and the strategic evaluation of the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) managed by the World Bank. With a background in agricultural economics and experience of working in the irrigation and drainage Sectors, Mike designed the M&E system for the Water Management Improvement Project (Kyrgyz Republic) in 2006 and led the evaluation of LBOD Pakistan over a 10 year period to 1997. He was formerly the lead consultant from Itad to provide monitoring services to the Tacis and Balkans / Cards programmes. On the programme management side, Mike was the manager of the Aid Delivery Methods (ADM) Programme (EC), 2006-08. Mike has a long track record of working with the major international agencies, in Africa, India and Pakistan, Central Asia and the Balkans on a range of sector and programme planning, monitoring and evaluation and capacity building assignments.


2011 - Ongoing
Associate Consultant
Itad Ltd

1985 - 2011
Director / Consultant
Itad Ltd

1982 - 1984
Agricultural Development and Marketing Consultancy. For consultancy work undertaken during this period, see Project Experience.
1978 - 1981
Team Leader / Head of Planning and Evaluation
World Bank
Working for the Ayangba Agricultural Development Project. For work experience during this period, see Project Experience.
1974 - 1978
Agricultural Economist
Hunting Technical Services
UK Consultancy Firm. For consultancy work undertaken during this period, see Project Experience.

Project Experience:

2009 - 2011
Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme (WSSSRP)
(Eurpean Delegation, Nigeria and National Planning Commission, Nigeria) - Monitoring and Evaluation Expert
The Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Support Programme (WSSSRP) is addressing the challenge of lack of clean water and sanitation facilities, through a mix of technical support and infrastructural investment (e.g. water supply schemes) at state level to increase access to safe water supplies and sanitation. The programme covers the six EC focal States of Anambra, Cross River, Jigawa, Kano, Osun and Yobe. The programme also works with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources in national policy and developing M&E Frameworks.

Working with water sector stakeholders, through a series of workshops, responsible for leading and developing the design and implementation processes for state-level M&E frameworks (setting out the conceptual structure and a guide to the building of M&E capacity in the State) as part of a long term governance reform and water supply and sanitation programme for urban, small towns and rural communities in Nigeria. Provided guidance and oversight to the introduction of community-based M&E systems in pilot areas.

2008 - Ongoing
SPARC Governance Reform Programme
(DFID, Nigeria) - Monitoring and Evaluation Expert
As a major partner in a consortium led by HTSPE, ITAD is playing a significant role in defining and developing the role of Monitoring and Evaluation in the overall governance reform programme being carried out with State Government partners in five states.

As part of the state-wide governance reform programme, Mike conducted a number of M&E baseline studies in Enugu and Kano, followed by workshop facilitation in three states to enable state partners to provide a self assessment of the status of policy and strategy and monitoring and evaluation in the focal states. Development of a programme of change in partnership with state government actors is on-going.

2007 - 2008
Performance Evaluation of: National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)
(Delegation of the European Commission to Uganda, Uganda) - Team Leader
The NAADS is a highly innovative programme in the field of agricultural extension, adopting a radical approach to enhancing agricultural productivity using private sector service providers working with empowered farmer groups to introduce commercially oriented agricultural enterprises. It has poverty alleviation as an underlying aim, with farmer groups being the driving force for change. It extends across the entire country and its performance is being closely studied both nationally and internationally.

Team Leader of a four person team with responsibility for design and management of the study and for organisational and financial elements, as well as for qualitative studies / focus group meetings in two of the six districts studied. Responsible for overall report compilation and presentation of the results and recommendations to the Evaluation Technical Committee chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture (MAAIF).

Evaluation Study: Zambia Social Investment Fund (ZAMSIF)
(Local Development Programme / World Bank, Zambia) - Leader
Since 2000, Zamsif was the country's single largest poverty alleviation programme, covering all 72 districts. It focused on financing community level, demand driven social infrastructural projects, with health and education being primary beneficiaries. The programme also contributed to building capacity for local governance and strengthening capacity to provide timely information on poverty and social conditions and to facilitate its use in policy making.

As Team Leader responsible for design of evaluation approach and methodology and for coordinating the qualitative and quantitative elements of the study. As main report author responsible for synthesis of evaluation results and preparation of study recommendations.

Strategic Evaluation of JSDF
(World Bank, Lao PDR, Armenia, USA) - Team Leader
The JSDF (Japan Social Development Fund) aims to provide grants to communities which are innovative, participatory and demand driven. It has funded 160 grants to a value of USD$180 million. The strategic evaluation aims to review the progress and developmental impact of JSDF to-date and make recommendations for improvement.

As team Leader, designed and led the study, carried out interviews with key respondents in Washington and in Tokyo. Undertook project reviews in Lao PDR and Armenia, synthesis of data and primary author of inception, interim and final reports.

2005 - 2006
Water Management Improvement Project
(World Bank, Kyrgyz Republic) - M&E Expert for design of M&E system
On assignment to the Department of Water Resources as M&E Expert for design of M&E system for the planned Water Management Improvement Project.

As member of a World Bank funded team, conducted stakeholder workshop to draw up logframe and list of key indicators and prepared M&E framework, with specifications for individual M&E components.

2005 - 2006
Evaluation of ETF
(European Training Foundation, Italy) - Team Leader
Interim Evaluation of the European Foundation

Team Leader of 4-person team to assess the results and performance of the ETF over a 3-year period (July-December 2005).

2004 - 2005
Evaluation of South Caucasus EC/CoE Joint Programme
(Council of Europe, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) - Team Leader / monitoring and evaluation specialist
End of project evaluation of Council of Europe / EC joint programme in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Working with national experts designed the evaluation methodology and conducted survey of stakeholders in the 3 countries. Carried out analysis and synthesis of results and prepared the final report, which was presented to the CoE/EC and country representatives at a stakeholder meeting in Strasbourg.

2003 - 2004
Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for the Zambia Social Investment Fund
(World Bank, Zambia Social Investment Fund, Zambia) - Project Director / Trainer
The Zambia Social Investment Fund (ZAMSIF) is a World Bank supported programme of assistance extending over a 10-year period, aimed at poverty alleviation in rural and urban areas through the funding of community and district level small-scale infrastructure projects. The objective of this contract was to develop a system of Participatory monitoring and evaluation at community, district and national level for projects supported by ZAMSIF.

Working with a team of ITAD M&E specialists, directed a team to design, prepare and implement a participatory M&E programme for staff and stakeholders in the Zambia Social Investment Fund (World Bank funded). Carried out staff training in PM&E.

2002 - 2004
Tacis and the Balkans / CARDS Monitoring Programme
(European Commission, (NIS and the Balkans) Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) - Lead consultant at ITAD
ITAD is a member of a consortium led by IBM Business Consulting Services (Belgium) together with Safege (France) to undertake the monitoring and analysis of all projects funded in the Tacis and Balkans/CARDS region.

Training, monitoring, and project management for monitoring services programme covering all EU funded projects in NIS countries and Balkans. Country monitoring assignments in Albania, Armenia and Georgia; preparation of training materials and ran a series of workshops for internal PCM/LF training over 18 month period. Specific tasks include carrying out monitoring missions,typically of 5 - 10 days per project at key stages during implementation, i.e. the inception phase, during the main implementation stage and at the end of the project. ITAD has conducted a series of 1 - 3 day workshops in project design / logframe approach; use of indicators and in core skills including interview techniques; report writing; briefing sessions and time management.

2002 - 2003
Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihood Project: Scoping Visit (AP RLP)
(DFID, India) - M&E consultant to APRLP
Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project - DFID Participatory process Monitoring and Evaluation

Advice and technical inputs on development of the community action plan, M&E framework, participatory process monitoring, MIS, input / output monitoring and baseline components. Conducted logframe planning workshop with stakeholders to update logframe and agree on indicators. Two-week inputs in June 2001, May and October 2002 and May 2003 - On going

1999 - 2003
Labour market skills development programme
(Project Management Unit, South Africa) - Operational Development and Training expert
As a member of an EU and South African consortium, ITAD is providing the Operational Development and Training expert to the PMU as well as a team of computer system experts to set up the computerized MIS system in the Department of Labour, Pretoria. The aim of the overall programme is to establish vocational training schemes nationally for South Africans as part of a 30 million Euro EC support programme.

Design the M&E framework and manage and finalise the logframes for each project; provided workshop facilitation. Alternative consortium manager for the project.

2000 - 2001
Monitoring & Evaluation of the Andhra Pradesh District Poverty Initiative Project
(World Bank, India) - Baseline and Process Monitoring
The District Poverty Initiative Project in Andhra Pradesh, India was implemented in six of the poorest districts of the State. ITAD provided a consultant to supervise the M&E component of the project and to provide advice to the M&E institutions and to assist in building local capacity. The M&E input is focused on the two main components of monitoring and evaluation - the impact evaluation study and process monitoring.

Technical inputs and supervision for M&E component of the Poverty focus project on baseline survey and participatory process monitoring and MIS components operating in six districts of Andhra Pradesh. Provided framework for selection of impact indicators and guided local consultants in preparation of work plan, survey design and analysis.

2000 - 2001
Impact Evaluation of the Jamaican Social Investment Fund (JSIF)
(World Bank, Jamaica) - Economist and M&E expert
The Jamaica Social Investment Fund is one a number of social investment funds aimed at improving the quality of basic social and economic infrastructure and access of the poor to social services. A multidisciplinary ITAD team conducted a socio-economic impact evaluation of a social fund project targeted at the urban and rural poor in Jamaica.

7 month impact evaluation study involving large-scale survey of 2400 households and participatory / focus group study components. Preparation of work plan, stakeholder analysis and member of team to design baseline study for future assessment of impact.

1998 - 2000
Tacis Technical Dissemination Project
(EU-TACIS, Russia and Brussels) - Project Manager
The purpose of the Tacis Dissemination Programme (TDP) was to ensure that the experience gained by the Tacis programme is retained and used. By making information on experiences and successful outcomes available to other partner organisations in the NIS, the aim was to encourage the replication of projects.

Technical inputs to Tacis funded agricultural sector projects in Russia to prepare materials for brochures and management, coordination and backup to the project team based in Brussels.

Assessment of crop production
(EU Delegation, Malawi) - Management
ITAD conducted an assessment of the level of production (area and yield) of the major food producing crops in Malawi.

Management, field survey inputs and backup to field team undertaking crop assessment study of production levels of main food crops, i.e. maize and cassava and preparation of an improved system of crop estimation.

1998 - 1999
Seminar on: Project Cycle Management and the Logical Framework Approach - two workshops
(European Commission (DGVIII and DG1b), Brussels and UK) - Management
Helpdesk and training services in project cycle management for European Commission (DGVIII and DG1b). Two workshops.

Management, coordination and support to full time staff and short-term trainers providing helpdesk and training services in project cycle management using logical framework approach for staff of the Commission and EC Delegations.

Preparation of Food Security Project
(UNDP, Kazakhstan) - Team Leader
Design and prepare a food security project involving the identification of key indicators, an analysis of current sectoral policy and the design of an institutional framework.

Mission leader of UNDP team working with the Institute of Nutrition, Almaty, responsible for designing and preparing a national food security project. Principal tasks included: identified key indicators of food insecurity, undertook an analysis of current sectoral policy towards poverty alleviation and nutrition. Drew up a food security strategy for rural and urban areas, drafted a proposal for an urban food security component, and made recommendations for a national coordinating and policy making body for nutrition and food security.

1995 - 1997
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Tacis Programme in the Central Asia
(EC - TACIS, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) - ITAD project manager/ monitor
ITAD was contracted to carry out the monitoring and evaluation of all Tacis projects in the Central Asia Region of the NIS. The main aims of the project were to: establish an effective M&E system to meet the information requirements of the EU and local agencies; set up a Management Information System (MIS) and a means of communicating analytical reports and information both in standard report format and by email/ internet; develop a sustainable M&E capability in the region.

Short-term monitor and member of Consortium management committee. Responsible for monitoring and report preparation on Agricultural extension and Consumer Cooperative projects in Kazakhstan, an agricultural extension project in Kyrgyzstan and two training/ human resource projects in Uzbekistan. Each project visited approximately every 3 months. Conducted training in project cycle management and logical framework analysis as part of internal training programme. Prepared agricultural sector report for Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. As leader of ITAD part of consortium responsible for management of contract.

1985 - 1997
Socio-economic impact evaluation of LBOD irrigation and drainage project - Left Bank Outfall Drain Project, Resettlement Plan for Chotiari Reservoir
(Department of Planning, Government of Sindh, Pakistan) - Team Leader/Co-ordinator
Evaluation of large-scale (0.5 million ha) irrigation and drainage project (main donor World Bank/ODA/SDC/CIDA)

Responsible for preparing and managing the overall programme for the socio-economic impact evaluation of the Left Bank Outfall Drain Project on farm families/ beneficiaries. Main responsibilities include planning and management of the Monitoring and Evaluation programme, liaison with government and donor agencies, preparation of special studies, data analysis, interpretation, reporting and training

Aga Khan Rural Support Programme - Natural Resource Management component of ODA project preparation mission
(Overseas Development Administration - DFID, Pakistan) - Project Management
ITAD provided a NRM economist on a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a 5 year project for AKRSP in the Gilgit region of Pakistan. The project follows a self-help, community development approach to NRM including the need to protect the fragile mountain environment.

Natural Resource Management member of DFID team to prepare project submission for a five-year project for participatory rural development in the mountain region of Northern Pakistan.

Professional Training to Ministry of Agriculture Staff in the Project Cycle
(Ministry of Agriculture, Budapest, Hungary) - Principal trainer
ITAD consultants delivered the monitoring and evaluation component of a three-week training course in the Project Cycle to staff of the Aid Implementation and Coordination Unit (AICU) and other departments of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Prepared and delivered training material in the Ministry of Agriculture, Budapest covering: Information needs for managers; Principles of project monitoring; Physical and financial monitoring; Monitoring formats and progress reports; Evaluation; Selection of M&E indicators; Measuring project impact; Organisation and management of project M&E; Issues in the design of project M&E systems

Tacis Food Distribution Programme, Review of Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
(EC - TACIS, Brussels) - Independent reviewer/evaluator
ITAD undertook an independent review of a proposal to modify the EU-Tacis monitoring and evaluation programme for Tacis food distribution projects. A new schedule for monitoring and evaluation was prepared, costs revised and new terms of reference drawn up for the M&E programme.

Reviewed the proposal to extend / modify the EC-Tacis monitoring and evaluation programme for EC funded agriculture and food sector projects in all countries of the CIS. Prepared new schedule of visits, revised costs and drew up revised terms of reference for the M&E programme.

Borno II Project
(EC - DGVIII, Nigeria) - Co-ordinator/Director
Financing Proposal for an irrigation and extension project in NE Borno, Nigeria.

Preparation of Financing Proposal, Borno II, Nigeria. Co-ordinator/ Director of EC funded planning study to prepare a Financing Proposal for an irrigation and extension project in NE Borno, Nigeria. Prepared the final document using EC guidelines and drew up logical framework. Carried out cost benefit analysis and prepared cost estimates.

Review of M&E system of Second Livestock Development Project
(World Bank, Nigeria) - Study Director
Review of M&E system and evaluation of project impact.

Study Director of three-person team to review the monitoring and evaluation system and to assess project impact. Designed and conducted a short training course in logical framework analysis, principles of M&E design and database management. Prepared the final report

1988 - 1993
Monitoring and evaluation of Indo-British Fertiliser Education Project - ODA
(ODA, India) - Leader of ITAD team / short term in puts
Analysis and reporting on farm-level data collected over a four-year period from small farms in six states of Eastern India.

Leader of ITAD team working with the M&E Unit for analysis and reporting on farm-level data collected over a four-year period from small farms in six states of Eastern India.

1988 - 1993
North East Arid Zone Development Project
(EC, Nigeria) - Team Supervisor/Study Director
Mid Term Review of EC funded North East Arid Zone Development Project, NEAZDP

Team Supervisor/Study Director on Mid Term Review of EC funded North East Arid Zone Development Project, NEAZDP (rural development project)

Audit of overseas Aid
(National Audit Office, UK) - Consultant
Examine the strategy for the audit examination of overseas aid - NAO.

Consultant to the National Audit Office, London, to examine the strategy for the audit examination of overseas aid.

1989 - 1990
PAPP - rural development Project
(World Bank, Recife, Brazil) - Director/project design
Assistance team to project co-ordinating agency SUDENE, to support the Monitoring and Evaluation unit of PAPP rural development project in North East Brazil. Four inputs 1989-90.

Director/ project designer. Leader of technical Director/ project designer. Leader of technical assistance team to project co-ordinating agency SUDENE, to support the Monitoring and Evaluation unit of PAPP rural development project in North East Brazil. Four inputs 1989-90.

Ex-post evaluation of irrigation/ tubewells project
(ODA, Pakistan) - Team Leader/Economist
Salinity Control and Agricultural Reclamation Project.

Evaluation of ODA lending for Tubewell Linings to the Salinity Control and Agricultural Reclamation Project (SCARP), 4 months.

Yield Study on North West Region ADP
(World Bank, Somalia) - Consultant
Yield Study on North West Region ADP
Conference on M&E and Irrigation Management
(Sri Lanka) - Presentation of a paper
Presentation of a paper (Monitoring and Evaluation and Irrigation Management)
M&E of irrigation projects in the Terai - CIDA
(CIDA, Nepal) - M&E Specialist
M&E of irrigation projects in the Terai - CIDA ; M&E Specialist
1985 - 1986
World Bank sixth project for ADBP.
(World Bank, Pakistan) - Agricultural Economist
Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan

Agricultural Economist: preparation of the World Bank sixth project for ADBP.

M&E of irrigation projects IFAD
(IFAD, Philippines) - Workshop facilitator/ trainer
M&E of irrigation projects IFAD; Workshop facilitator/ trainer
Naryani Irrigation Development Project
(CIDA, Nepal) - M&E design
Naryani Irrigation Development Project, M&E design - CIDA
North West Frontier Province; National system for M&E for rural development projects
(FAO, Pakistan) - Team Leader
North West Frontier Province; National system for M&E for rural development projects FAO; Team Leader
External Reviewer of Bauchi State ADP Mid Term Implementation Report
(Bauchi State ADP, Nigeria) - External Reviewer
External Reviewer of Bauchi State ADP Mid Term Implementation Report.
Farm management survey of 600 ha mixed farm, Arusha - Private client.
(Arusha - Private client, Tanzania) - Consultant
Farm management survey of 600 ha mixed farm, Arusha - Private client.
(World Bank, Nigeria - Bauchi State) - Consultant
Review of project evaluation survey methodology.

Consultant: Carried out a detailed review of project evaluation survey methodology.

M&E survey design for East Java Irrigation XVIII project
(Indonesian Government, Indonesia) - Consultant
Survey design for large-scale irrigation project.

M&E survey design for East Java Irrigation XVIII project. Consultant to Indonesian Government: Survey design for large-scale irrigation project.

Development Study
(Zimbabwe) - Study Designer
Development Study - Survey design
Federal Agricultural Co-ordinating Unit
(Federal Department of Rural Development: - Nigeria, Nigeria) - Project appraisal team Leader
Federal Agricultural Co-ordinating Unit, of the Federal Department of Rural Development
1978 - 1981
Ayangba Agricultural Development Project
(World Bank, Nigeria) - Team Leader / Head of Evaluation & Planning
Ayangba Agricultural Development Project/World Bank

1980-1981: Team leader for project preparation study. 1978-1980: Head of Planning and Evaluation; established and managed the Project Evaluation Unit comprising some 50 (resident Nigeria 3.5 years).

1976 - 1977
Rehabilitation of Large Farm Study - ODA
(ODA, Kenya) - Survey Specialist/Project Economist
Rehabilitation of Large Farm Study - ODA Survey Specialist/Project Economist
1974 - 1976
Tigrai Rural Development Study
(ODA, Ethiopia) - Project Economist
Tigrai Rural Development Study - ODA Project Economist
1971 - 1974
Ministry of Overseas Development (UK)
(Ministry of Overseas Development (UK), Malawi) - Agricultural Economist
Ministry of Overseas Development (UK) Irrigation Project

Agricultural Economist on Irrigation Project