Projects in Each Strategic Vision Pillar

To support its realisation, the Strategic Vision for Girls and Women focuses on four interlinked outcomes (pillars):

–  Girls’ completion of primary and secondary education

–  Girls’ and women’s economic empowerment

–  Girls’ and women’s ability to live free from violence

–  Universal sexual and reproductive health and rights

Cross-cutting these four pillars is the ‘enabling environment’, which emphasises the importance of formal institutions such as legislation and policy and informal institutions such as cultural norms to the opportunities girls and women have available to them.

The pillar with the highest number of projects is that of universal sexual and reproductive health and rights, with 35% of the projects (105 projects) focused in this pillar uniquely.

30% of the Strategic Vision projects target more than one of the pillars; this constitutes 89 projects in total.

While there are 89 projects in total targeting the enabling environment, only 9% of the whole Strategic Vision portfolio (26 projects) target this area uniquely. Meanwhile 24% of the portfolio target a combination of the enabling environment and one or more of the other pillars. This reflects the enabling environment’s role as an ‘underpinning’ function to the other four pillars. The combination with the largest number of projects is the enabling environment and the sexual and reproductive health and rights pillar (17 projects in total).

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