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Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning for the Somalia Security and Justice Programme

Improving security and justice outcomes in Somalia is a critical part of establishing the foundations of lasting peace in the country, but there is limited evidence of what works in this complex environment.


Somalia has been crippled by 30 years of conflict. While there have been some positive steps in recent years, the political settlement is extremely fragile and the influence of the extremist group al-Shabaab remains significant. As a result, across Somalia there are complex and overlapping systems of security and justice, many of which disadvantage certain groups – in particular women and minority clans.

The UNOPS managed Somalia Security and Justice Programme II (SSJP II), known locally as Nabadgelinta Soomaaliya, seeks to enable Somalis – and especially women and minority groups – to benefit from better security and more inclusive access to justice. We have been selected as the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) partner to Nabadgelinta Soomaaliya to design and deliver an adaptive MERL strategy and approach and contribute to building the evidence base about what works.

Previous interventions which have sought to address some of the challenges in Somalia’s justice system have struggled to engage effectively with the complexity and there is still very little evidence about what works.

Nabadgelinta Soomaaliya seeks to work differently, delivering through adaptive approaches that enable informed and inclusive dialogue and negotiation with a focus on understanding gender equality and social inclusion dynamics in Somalia and how these relate to social norm change concerning security and justice.

UNOPS is engaging with a range of implementing partners who will work together to implement the programme on the ground, sharing their expertise and experiences and working closely with local authorities to ensure effective implementation. The programme will work initially in two Federal Member States – South West State and Jubaland, with the option to expand to the other Federal Member States in future years.

Our role

Itad has been selected as the MERL provider to the programme. Our role will be to ensure that evidence and learning lie at the heart of Nabadgelinta Soomaaliya and support the programme to innovate, learn and adapt based on timely and good-enough evidence.

We will deliver a package of MERL support, including developing an adaptive MERL system, delivering real-time monitoring, evaluation, gendered political and social economy analysis, and sharing and communicating programme learning more widely to contribute to the wider evidence base of ‘what works’ in Somalia.