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Yannick Vuylsteke

Senior Consultant

Yannick Vuylsteke is a Senior Consultant at Itad. He has over 10 years’ research experience in international development across a wide range of thematic areas with a focus on governance and evidence-based policy making.

Yannick’s technical and evaluation skills focus on designing and improving metrics and indicators to measure governance issues with an emphasis on service delivery, inclusive governance, anti-corruption, accountability and transparency. His main areas of expertise are in strategic advice and research. He has managed large theoretical and quantitative assessment projects, led research teams and worked with high-level stakeholders in various countries, mainly in Africa.

Prior to joining Itad, Yannick led the research department at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation as the Head of the Index of African Governance. He was also a researcher at Transparency International, working on developing anti-corruption tools and best practice for global country offices, civil society, large corporate companies and multilateral groups.