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We are at the heart of the debate about what works in international development, and how it should be assessed.

Here we share our learning to inspire and lead debate, share evidence about what works in international development, and champion results that help the poorest and most vulnerable.

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Sanitation challenge for Ghana Dignified City Award (Stage 2) – Final evaluation report

This summary describes what I2I learned about the value of using prizes to influence the policy environment for liquid waste...


New GRP reports on learning from failure and scaling innovations published

Learning from failure and scaling resilience innovations are the focus of two new case study reports sharing learning and...


Learning from failure to accelerate success in resilience-building initiatives

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) is a partnership of public and private organisations joining forces towards a...


An incubator approach to scaling effective resilience solutions

The Global Resilience Partnership has supported three challenge rounds to surface innovative resilience solutions, and has...

evidence during covid 19

Continuing results in development:
the importance of evidence during COVID-19

The COVID-19 (C19) pandemic has had profound effects on lives around the world and will continue to do so for years, if not...


2016-17 global leap off-grid refrigerator competition (round 1) – Follow-up review

The 2016-17 Global LEAP Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition (Round 1) aimed to transform the global market for off-grid...


Signals of Transformational Change

This brief presents the framework developed by the Itad team to assess transformational change based on insights from the...


Framework for transformational change published as learning brief

The framework developed by the team of evaluators working on the Transformational Change in the Climate Investment Funds has...


Summary Brief of Learning Review of the Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the Forest Investment Program (FIP)

This is a short summary brief based on the Learning Review. It highlights the outcomes of the DGM for IPLCs and other...


Three fieldwork tips for junior evaluators

Perhaps it goes without saying but you should know as much as possible about the project, the context and the stakeholders...


Ideas to Impact – Adaptation at Scale: Final Evaluation Report

The Adaptation at Scale (A@S) Prize sought to promote innovative approaches to scaling up and out climate change adaptation...


A Learning Review of the Dedicated Grant Mechanism (DGM) for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in the Forest Investment Program (FIP) of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

This summary extracts some of the major findings from a Learning Review of the Forest Investment Program (FIP) Dedicated Grant...


BRACED-X: Deep Dive in Nepal

This deep dive report, which was produced by the BRACED knowledge manager’s monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) team...


BRACED-X: Deep Dive in Kenya

This Deep Dive report, which was produced by the KM’s Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) team of Component D2,...


Eyes on a prize for climate information services

The UK Aid-funded Ideas to Impact programme, which is managed by an IMC Worldwide-led consortium, has just launched our...


Ideas to Impact – The Dreampipe Challenge: Final Evaluation Report

The Dreampipe Challenge was a competition that aimed to increase funding of activities designed to reduce non-revenue water...