Itad Knowledge Hub

Itad has created the Knowledge Hub, a new internal team whose aim is to support and strengthen our knowledge, and enable the company to deliver our core values of technical excellence and collaboration and learning.

The hub provides company-wide support for Itad’s learning and knowledge sharing by:

  • facilitating knowledge sharing and management
  • acting as knowledge brokers to help staff access the knowledge they need
  • ensuring synergy between the different types of knowledge and communications work across the organisation

The Knowledge Hub’s work at Itad has both an internal and external focus. By sharing knowledge externally (for example through CDI, conferences, publications, and blogs), we aim to build our reputation as a thought-leader in M&E and development, and as a leading supplier of monitoring, learning and evaluation. By sharing knowledge internally through, for example, our consultants’ forums, our knowledge management system, and learning resources, we aim to achieve technical excellence in our work, increase efficiency, and contribute to job satisfaction and progression through a culture of innovation and learning.

The hub will reinforce the foundation in professional learning provided by Itad’s Learning and Development programme, with a broad range of learning opportunities to suit every kind of learner. Through resources such as ‘how to’ notes and other practical tools, our wiki, specialised supplementary learning modules, and by supporting opportunities for sharing of experience and learning through forums and workshops, the hub will ensure that a culture of learning and innovation is sustained at Itad. The Knowledge Hub will ensure that learning from our quality assurance processes are fed back into the knowledge and L&D work, to complete a continual learning and improvement loop.

The Knowledge Hub team

Chris Barnett, Rachel Eager, and Melanie Punton bring many years of experience of supporting teams to design and deliver technical excellence in research, monitoring, and evaluation. Emmeline Willcocks works on our internal and external communications and knowledge sharing, and Tara Stearn brings valuable experience in developing and implementing IT systems for Knowledge Management.