Itad joins Social Norms Community of Practice

Itad’s Claire Hughes will be joining a working group of researchers, practitioners, and donors next week in Baltimore for a two-day meeting exploring how social norms change can be facilitated and measured in the field, particularly with regards to gender-based violence.

The overall goal of the working group is to create a community to help researchers and practitioners advance the understanding of social norms and their influence, with a particular insight into when the norm approach is appropriate for their work and how change in those norms can be captured and measured.

Claire will be sharing experiences from our on-going work on Voices for Change in Nigeria, the methodology we are using for measuring social norm change on that complex programme and the lessons emerging. Other discussions will take place over the two days around useful approaches to measurement of social norms, common challenges and themes, and a look ahead to the future of social norms analysis and evaluation.

Claire will be reflecting on the start-up of the working group in a blog coming soon, so watch this space!

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