Itad is evolving…again

Itad’s ownership and management has undergone another significant evolution, in line with our long term strategy for the company’s development.

In early October 2015 we implemented a change in Itad’s ownership and at the same time welcomed a private equity investment from Foresight Group. This follows a Management Buyout in 2011 when our founding directors, Derek Poate and Mike Felton, retired from the company; and the inauguration in 2014 of a new Senior Management Team.

The same Senior Management Team (Sarah Ockenden, Philippa Tadele, Chris Barnett, Sam McPherson and Tim Ruffer) are now the major shareholders in the business and will drive Itad’s development over the medium term. The previous majority shareholders, Julian Barr and Dane Rogers, retain a stake in the company and will continue to be involved as non-executive directors. Foresight Group, a leading private equity investment manager, has become a minority shareholder, providing an injection of capital to enable us to invest further in our growth and development. These changes mark the start of a new era for Itad, enabling us to move forward with confidence while remaining proudly independent.

Our focus will remain on providing the insight and ideas to ensure that the resources invested in international development have the greatest possible beneficial impact on people’s lives. And our values (making a difference, delivering technical excellence and innovation, contributing through collaboration and learning, and providing opportunities for personal development to our staff), remain as relevant as ever.