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Evaluation of Norwegian Support to Capacity Development

December 2015

Rob Lloyd, John Markie and Florian Schatz, with inputs from Joe Bolger, Stephen Peterson, Stein Erik Kruse and Gregory Gleed.

Capacity development is a core cross-cutting issue for Norway. It is estimated that projects and programmes with significant capacity development objectives account for a minimum of 20% of bilateral expenditure.

RAP3 Local Roads Network Review

November 2015

John Hine, Indu Sharma Dhakal, Kamal Pande, Vishal Gadhavi and Navin Subedi

Itad was commissioned by DFID-Nepal to undertake a review of the implementation of the Local Roads Network (LRN) component of DFID Nepal’s flagship poverty reduction project the Rural Access Programme Phase 3 (RAP3). The objectives of the LRN review were to: a) develop a quantitative analysis of …

Donors, Dollars & DALYs: Core Funding in Mozambique Population Services International

March 2015

Robin Brady, Christina Laybourne and Rob Lloyd

The Mozambique country platform of Population Service International (PSI) receives core funding from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN). Because this arrangement is unusual both within PSI and EKN, the two parties are keen to understand the effect and added value that such core …

Attitudes, Practice, and Social Norms: Key Gender Equality Issues in Selected Nigerian States

September 2015

Elaine K Denny and Emeka Nwankwo

Voices for Change (V4C) is an ambitious, multipronged initiative promoting the empowerment of and respect for women at multiple levels of Nigerian society. Programming is focused in four Nigerian states (Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, and Lagos) and uses mass communication (such as radio programmes), …

Child Development Grant Programme: Key messages of the baseline evaluation findings

August 2015

ePact, in association with the Institute for Fiscal Studies

The Child Development Grant Programme (CDGP) is a five-year pilot programme being implemented in Zamfara and Jigawa states in Northern Nigeria. It aims to address widespread poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Northern Nigeria, which affects the potential for children to survive and develop. This …

Child Development Grant Programme: Summary report of baseline evaluation findings

August 2015

ePact, in association the Institute for Fiscal Studies

This note presents the summary findings from information collected through a household survey, and interviews and discussions with households before the commencement of the Child Development Grant Programme (CDGP). The main objective of the note is to describe the situation of the communities …

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