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Direct Beneficiaries’ Feedback Report: Listening to the voices of RAP participants

July 2016

Vishal Gadhavi with Square One Research and Training (Sumanta Neupane, Indu Raj Joshi and Nirjal Pokharel)

This report presents the findings of a beneficiary feedback process conducted by the MEL. This process set out to capture feedback directly from RAP beneficiaries employed in the Road Building Groups (RBGs) and Road Maintenance Groups (RMGs) only. The process enabled beneficiaries to provide their …

Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) Evaluation: Stage 1 Synthesis Report

June 2016

Isabel Vogel and Melanie Punton

This report presents a synthesis of the results from Stage 1 of the evaluation of DFID’s Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) programme. The synthesis report explores findings about how and why capacity building for evidence use works and does not work, for whom, to what extent, in …

Independent Review of the Rural Access Programme’s Performance Management and Verification (M&E) System

May 2016

Donna Loveridge and Vishal Gadhavi

The Performance Management and Verification (PMV) system is the Rural Access Programme’s (RAP) internal M&E system used to collect, aggregate and report data related to completed activities from the district to the central level. It is used to report results to DFID as well as drive …

Review of the RAP-3 Theory of Change

June 2016

Vishal Gadhavi, Navin Subedi and Ivan Scott

The 2016 review is a critical examination of the RAP3 theory of change conducted in consultation with stakeholders to reflect and review the programme from a holistic perspective. The review looked at a number of studies and learning from the programme and MEL over the last three years. In light of …

Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) Evaluation, Final Report

December 2015

Gavin Stedman-Bryce, Florian Schatz, Catherine Hodgkin, and Paul Balogun

The Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) was established in 2008 in seven pilot countries (Ghana, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia) with the aim of improving access to essential medicines. MeTA’s underlying hypotheses centred on the importance of transparency and …

A Value for Money (VfM) Analysis for RAP 3

April 2016

Gulden Bayaz

The Value for Money (VFM) analysis of RAP is one-off review assessing what is driving costs and to ensure that the programme is providing the desired quality at the lowest price. The analysis aims to enable a variety of stakeholders, including DoLIDAR and DFID, to better understand the VfM of …

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