Itad at the 2017 UK Evaluation Society conference

Several staff will be representing Itad at this years’ UKES conference on ‘demonstrating and improving the usefulness of evaluation’. They’ll be speaking on a range of subjects from the utility of evaluation to the role of accountability and learning in evaluation.

On Wednesday, Greg Gleed will discuss recent Itad projects that have evaluated the quality and utility of evaluations and in particular, what factors contribute to evaluation use such as organisational systems, the purpose and timings of evaluations and how these can be key.

In the same session, Julian Barr and Rob Lloyd will reflect on their work on the Value of Evaluations, and the developmental benefits derived from using the knowledge and evidence generated by evaluations.

Chris Perry and Aoife Murray will be reflecting Itad’s work within adaptive programmes, and how we are using evaluation to make sense of learning within changing interventions.

On Thursday, Mel Punton and Julia Hamaus will be exploring the tension between accountability and learning within the Tilitonse evaluation, discussing how a strong focus on accountability can leave learning on the sidelines.

We’re looking forward to an interesting and thought-provoking couple of days – watch this space for blogs and updates, and follow us on #ItadAtUKES.