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At Itad, we believe in the power of evidence to build a better world for all. We have won awards for our cutting-edge work in monitoring, evaluation, and learning, harnessing innovation, and the power of new technology. Through our expert, agile team, and global partnerships, we provide strategic insights to deliver better results for people and the planet. We want to be a force for the future good and are continually striving to be fairer, greener, more inclusive, and more diverse in our work.

We work with our partners and a global network of consultants to deliver a complete interdisciplinary service of the very highest standard, anywhere in the world.

Our partners include foundations, public and private sector organisations, governments, corporate clients and non-governmental organisations. We know that no two organisations are alike, and every project brings new challenges, so we take an agile approach, tailoring our services to each context and for every partner.


Our values influence all of our work and the way we run our organisation. They shape our decision-making, inform our policies and procedures, and are the foundation of our company culture.

Making a difference: We believe in the power of evidence in driving positive change and are committed to providing insights to help deliver better outcomes for people and the planet

Technical excellence and innovation: We strive to do the best we can. We are continually looking for ways to improve by reflecting systematically and with humility on the quality of our work

Collaboration and learning: We thrive in a learning environment. We work closely with others to generate and share knowledge and skills

Personal development: We are committed to fostering our personal and professional development, working together within an environment which is supportive and promotes wellbeing

Inclusion and diversity: We actively promote diversity, equality and inclusion to empower people both within our organisation and through our work

Environmental action: We take action to improve our environmental impact, understanding how our behaviour affects the planet and playing our role to influence change

Shared rewards: We recognise that our people are our greatest asset, and that they should be rewarded for their contribution to Itad’s success